Park Restoration

Brockwell Park Community Partners is the lead community partner with London Borough of Lambeth to restore and develop the landscape of Brockwell Park through major National Lottery funding under the ‘Parks for People’ Programme.

The restoration of Brockwell Hall was not part of this National Lottery application. However, a separate application will be submitted to the Lottery in 2012, in consultation with LB Lambeth.

The application and delivery of the Parks for People Programme was managed by a Steering Group which includes representatives of the Brockwell Park Community Partners. You can read the minutes of these meetings here.

The Management Plans are agreed documents between Lambeth and the National Lottery and outline the Lottery’s expectation of BPCP.

The Programme to restore and develop Brockwell Park is nearing completion. It involved a three stage process, including preliminary negotiations between the Borough, the Park’s stakeholder groups and the National Lottery at Stages 1 and 2:

Stage 1

Stage 1 is  complete. Outline Proposals were drawn up and they were agreed to in principal by Brockwell Park Community Partners and LB Lambeth. The Vision Document outlines these proposals.

Stage 2

We worked-up and consulted on the Masterplan, with final agreement being reached in September 2008. The plan was subsequently put into effect.

Stage 3

The full details of the Masterplan , including minor modifications, were agreed and plans were sent out to tender in Summer 2009 with works commencing in 2010. The process was overseen by Land Use Consultants, the Project Board (mostly senior officers and Councillors) and the HLF Monitor. There has been significant development to the Paddling Pool and Wet Play Area in 2011 and to the Children’s Adventure Playground, historic Walled Garden and Temple building in 2012.