Park Management Plans

These are agreed documents between Lambeth and the HLF and outline the HLFs expectations of BPCP.

  • Master Plan
  • Audience development Plan
  • Sports Needs Analysis
  • Training Plan
  • Volunteer Plan

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Latest News

You can read and comment on the latest news about the Park Redevelopment here.


Click here to view the Masterplan. The Masterplan includes re-development of the Wet Play Area, including the Paddling Pool and a Viewing Platform.

Audience Development Plan

The Brockwell Park Audience Development Plan builds on work which was submitted as part of the successful Stage 1 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund/Big Lottery Fund Parks for People programme in March 2006. The plan has been prepared by Ken Burlton Consultancy appointed by Land Use Consultants and working with them for the London Borough of Lambeth. It is one of a number of documents which forms a Stage 2 submission for funding from the Parks for People programme. Read the Audience Development Plan.

Sports Needs Analysis

This analysis supplements work being carried out on the preparation of an Audience Development Plan for Brockwell Park in Lambeth as part of a Stage 2 submission to the HLF/ Big Lottery Fund’s Parks for People programme. As well as assessing the future role of sport in the Park and the ability of existing facilities to support any future development, it is a requirement of the analysis that it should specifically examine the need to retain or alter existing sports related buildings in the park in order to respond to actual and planned needs. Read the Sports Needs Analysis.

Training Plan

The purpose of the Training Plan is to examine both the need and the potential for training linked to the proposal to restore and develop Brockwell Park in Lambeth. The plan supports the Stage 2 application to the HLF/ Big Lottery Fund’s Parks for People programme. Read the Brockwell Park Training Plan

Volunteer Plan

The Volunteer Plan examines the potential for volunteer involvement in the management and operation of Brockwell Park in Lambeth and the impact on volunteering of the proposed scheme to restore and improve the park and its associated proposals for audience development. The plan supports the Stage 2 submission to the HLF/ Big Lottery Fund’s Parks for People programme. The purpose of the plan is to maximise the engagement of volunteers in the life and development of the park and, through doing so, to create opportunities for volunteers themselves to gain personal benefits which will range from social interaction to potential ways into work through the experience and training offered to volunteers. Read the Brockwell Park Volunteer Plan