Vision Statement



BrockwellPark is a valued green space whose management and development will aim to keep in balance the following objectives:

Inclusion / Access / Diversity of use

  • to maximize the use of the Park as a community asset and a resource for the long term benefit of all sections of the community


  • to preserve and enhance its heritage assets: the historic features and landscape integrity

Ecology & Bio-diversity

  • to maintain and enrich its ecology

Sustainability / Quality

  • to achieve the highest standards with environmental and economic sustainability as guiding principles

Promotion / Safe / Welcoming / Stimulating

  • to promote the Park by providing a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for recreation and education

Funding and Resources

  • to develop only proposals that have a realistic chance of attracting a mix of Council and external resources

Community Involvement / Future Management

  • to create a working partnership for the future management of the Park between the Council, stakeholders and the local community

Deprivation / Regeneration 

  • to play a leading role in the regeneration of the surrounding area and counter social and economic deprivation, by promoting the local economy and employment.


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