Sports Facilities

Tennis Courts

The Park provides 6 publicly accessible concrete courts for tennis.

As we understand it, bookings for tennis courts should now be made at You have to register with them but this is free, not a membership.
Problems with booking can be reported to or
Brockwell Park Community Partners does not have any involvement in booking sports facilities.


The Park provides one publicly accessible concrete court for basketball. 


A cricket net is available for public use next to the tennis courts. The cricket field can be booked via email at Lambeth.Parks@GLL.ORG

Bowling Green

The Bowling Green is out of use following a loss of funding for upkeep. The Brockwell Bowlers have tried to keep the green going as log as possible but , as volunteers, they have not been able to maintain the green to the standard required. We were sorry to lose them. The future of that area is under discussion.

BMX Track

A track available to BMX pedal cyclists. Headgear must be worn while using the track. Brixton BMX club works with a number of British Cycling qualified coaches to offer coaching to riders for all ages. The club also runs Wingz, a disability inclusive cycling project.

Contact them at 

Trim Trail

The Trim Trail is a 3km circuit comprising 12 outdoor gym equipment installations, including ladders, bars, benches and hurdles. The Trail is unsupervised and use of the equipment is at your own risk.


  • Pitches. The two pitches marked out on parkland by the cricket nets. are for the use of  The St Matthews Project for football coaching sessions. 
  • inquiries about football pitch booking to: Lambeth.Parks@GLL.ORG

Try Tag Rugby

Is being played in the park this summer. Information via email at: sports@lambeth,

Parkrun is currently suspended because of Covid. See their web page:

30 thoughts on “Sports Facilities

  1. Hi Benjamin

    Thanks for this. There appears to be a fault with the booking number. I will check with colleagues if it has changed and update the website accordingly.


    Matt Allgood
    Brockwell Park Community Partners

  2. Hi Benjamin – problem solved. The number is in fact 0845 130 8998. If you call on this number you’ll be able to book. I’ve updated the page accordingly. Apologies for inconvenience caused.

  3. Just discovered the cricket pitch is really good (but isn’t mentioned above) except that now that the strip has been repositioned the boundary (formed by the long grass) on one side is really short. We had an excellent game of Rough Cricket (10 playing) there last night. Peter Avery

  4. Laura

    The booking number for Brockwell tennis courts does not work!
    How can I book for tomorrow morning?!

    1. Laura – thanks. I understand that there is a fault with the phone booking system and Lambeth Council is chasing this with tennis courts operator Greenwich Leisure Ltd. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    2. Alice Tagg


      If we wanted to use the cricket field in late September is there a way we can book it to reserve the area? Or is it based on a matter of first come first served? Also do you have a contact number to get answers on this? We sent an email a few weeks ago no with no response.

  5. Sarah Jelly

    Just moved South from Tower Hamlets and they have an excellent on line tennis court booking site.
    Does Lambeth have anything similar instead of having to book by telephone.
    Many thanks

    1. There should be a link to the Sports Booking line (service by Greenwich Leisure)on our website but I am not completely sure how Lambeth are running bookings at the moment. There has been a lot of reorganisation.
      Sorry for the delay. Let us know how you get on.
      Best wishes

  6. Eleanor Forder

    Hello, I wanted to enquire about the policy for yoga teachers conducting group classes in your park. Is it allowed; is there a fee? Please let me know if you think it will be feasible to plan a class here during the summer.
    All the best, Eleanor

  7. Valentin

    Hello, I would like to know how long in advance the basketball court in brockwell park must be booked and how much it costs? I saw it has been refurbished recently and would be interested to use it for short practice sessions on a weekly basis.

  8. Tina

    Hi, does anyone know if the basketball court is open? I had a conversation with Lambeth Parks but they said they were not involved in bookings and that it was on a first come first served basis…which would be great except it was locked last time I was in the park. Any help appreciated!

  9. There has been (even more) reorganisation in lambeth and Sports are now part of the Parks service. We think this will result in a better system for booking but have asked for more information on progress with bookings. Online booking, as you say, would be so much easier.

  10. Harry

    I understand the Bowling Green has now been closed. Do you know the best contact person/details if I want to help get this open and running again?

    1. Thanks for inquiring. I am afraid that the bowling green is now out of use for that purpose.
      This decision was taken by Lambeth Parks because it is very expensive to maintain a green in a playable condition and such a small number of people used it that the expense was not justified. Some volunteers did try to maintain it but it is too difficult a job for volunteers. The future of the Bowling Green is still being considered. There was a suggestion of using it for crazy golf but this never developed into anything. At the moment it is used by the volleyball players with permission from the parks team. They are very grateful for this because sharing the basketball court with the basketball players proved to be contentious and difficult.
      There are some indoor facilities at Brixton Rec and I believe there is still the Temple Bowls Club in Sunray Avenue, just off Herne Hill.

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