Executive Committee


Brockwell Park Community Partners has an Executive Committee which manages the charity. The Committee comprises four officers, elected at the BPCP AGM.


Dr Ann Kingsbury – ChairAnn Kingsbury

Ann has been Chair of BPCP since 2010. She is a former Councillor for Thurlow Ward and a member of BPCP’s Biodiversity Committee.

Derek HoareDerek Hoare – Vice Chair

Derek helped to found BPCP. He is a former Chair of Friends of Brockwell Park and more recently, as Treasurer, has helped to put the Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses on a sound financial footing. Derek became Vice Chair of BPCP in 2012.


Susy joined the Committee in 2012. She is a member of the Biodiversity Group and has delivered the ‘hedge’ project and ‘wildflower slope’ by Brockwell Lido.

John Gahan – Treasurer

LCS 2018-2 headJohn joined the Committee following his election at the 2017 AGM having originally been involved with the Biodiversity Group regarding the potential mapping of trees in the Park and as a voting member of the public. He provides secretarial services to both the Park’s Partnership Board, and to the pan-Lambeth Parks’ Forum.


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