Brockwell Park is served by two cafes, run by commercial operators:

Hall cafeBrockwell Park Cafe. Open 7 days per week, all year round – even on bank holidays. Based in the Hall, the Cafe serves reasonably priced homemade meals, Italian coffee, cake and ice-cream. Enquiries: 0208 671 5217 or click on the picture for the Cafe’s Facebook page.


Brockwell Lido Cafe. Situated in Brockwell Lido, this modern British restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Enquiries: 0207 737 8183

3 thoughts on “Cafes

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  2. Claudia Baillie

    I went in to the cafe today and neither the woman manning the til and making drinks not the man preparing the food in the kitchen we’re wearing masks or gloves. Can you tell me why this is please? One in 30 people in London have Covid. If they are exempt for medical reasons they should not be working in a food preparation and public service area.

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