Brockwell Hall Restoration

The lead architectural consultants are working towards an interim report to the Lottery Heritage Fund at the end of July as well as a planning application to Lambeth in the same month. At present they are in “pre-planning”, that is, working on their proposals for Brockwell Hall with advice on planning and conservation issues from Lambeth and are also in discussion with Historic England over conservation issues within the Hall. 

The new design is an improvement over the early proposals agreed by BPCP but follows the spirit of the original plan. The aims of the revised design concept are: 

 To retain cafe use, if possible, within the main house and service wing 

 To create a permanent community event space that will not obscure the facade of the Stable Block, when restored 

 To create passive level access to all areas 

 To restore the setting of the house, stables and gardens (Walled Garden) to allow a better understanding of the heritage of the Hall. 

The room that currently houses the cafe kitchen and servery will be restored to its original state. The cafe area will move to the service wing, as originally envisaged but the cafe footprint will incorporate the current Picture Room, with access opened up through the fireplace wall into the rooms behind. This would be in keeping with the use of the Picture Room in the past as a tea room and would provide a much more comfortable environment than that on offer at present! Since our intention was always to improve people’s experience and open up the Hall to provide greater public access, this is a welcome development. 

Event venue 
Although concern about conservation and planning issues had suggested that the new event venue in the Stable Yard might have to be a temporary marquee, the current proposal for the event venue is that it should be a purpose-built timber and glass building, again, offering more “celebratory” surroundings. It would be located closer to the service wing of the Hall, with an open space in front of the Stable Block. 

The architects are also working on a design to allow level access into the Hall at the main entrance, thus making wheelchair access possible. Inside the building there will be a lift, making the first floor accessible to people with limited mobility. 

We have been at pains to argue for much better toilet provision at the Hall. It is not satisfactory for people to have to leave the cafe and walk through the park, often in the rain, to the nearest ones. There will have to be a toilet attached to the cafe to conform with the law and it is planned to have two on the ground floor at present, one of which will have to be fully accessible. This will encourage people to stay longer in the park and at the cafe, making Brockwell Park a more accessible destination. The current public toilets will be upgraded 

The consultant team are working on a cultural programme for the Hall and on a volunteer policy. We have been arguing for dedicated volunteer space at the Hall, which could operate independently of the working hours of Lambeth’s park maintenance operations, making it possible for a more diverse group of volunteers to become involved in the park. 

Our consultation on the current plans will necessarily be an online at present.
The project consultants will carry out their own consultation on the Hall via the project website: where you can comment on the proposals
The project will also go to a formal planning application which will allow for further public comment. 
Any comments you have or requests for more details can also be sent to us at

Brockwell Hall success

We can all be proud of what BPCP has achieved!

Lambeth’s application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of Brockwell Hall was been granted a Stage 1 Pass in December 2018.

This means that the HLF have given Lambeth the go-ahead to develop a detailed plan for the restoration and that money will come from the HLF to support it.

This is the culmination of several years of work  by the Brockwell Park Community Partners who, with Lambeth’s support, developed the vision and outline plans for the Hall, commissioned the feasibility study from Land Use Consultants and MTW Consulting and submitted the first application to the HLF. 

BPCP members will remember the many discussions about red lines and the business case which took place more than two years ago now; these were an important part of the process of preparing the bid and formed the basis of Lambeth’s application, which was submitted last year. Many thanks to everyone who took part or who worked on the Brockwell Hall Steering Group.

Lambeth has now been awarded development funds of £387,500 to develop a detailed plan for the restoration. Two years will be allowed for this, although it is hoped that the work could be completed more quickly and at the end of that time a further application will made to the HLF for the funds to carry out the restoration. The total needed will be around £6m, of which a proportion will come from Lambeth’s own capital funds.

Lambeth will work in partnership with BPCP to develop the plans.

See Lambeth’s announcement about the successful bid here


Picture of the Year!


Ann from SwanWatch rescues a lost (but completely unfazed) Brockwell cygnet from the Tulse Hill Estate, aided and abetted by Petra, Susy, the RSPCA and the local Police!

As they grow up, young swans fly off to seek new homes for themselves but this one did not get very far. It has now been re-homed with a flock at Kingston onThames.

Read Ann’s swan rescue blog here for news about our Brockwell swans and the work that the SwanWatch people do, entirely as volunteers.

Brockwell Park wins London in Bloom Awards

London in Bloom has awarded Gold to Brockwell Park in two categories:   Heritage Park & Garden of the Year and Large Park (above 25 acres) Park of the Year. In the former category the Park is one of only two winners south of the river, and in the latter category stands pre-eminent as the only winner.

Brockwell Park’s third award saw it win Silver Gilt in the Walled Garden category.

Congratulations are in order to Lambeth’s Parks Staff and volunteer groups who have contributed so much to maintaining the Park.