Good Parks for London

In a report on London parks, Lambeth parks have scored well in spite of cuts to the revenue budget.

The London Friends of Green Spaces Network report on a benchmarking exercise which places Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham highest among London parks for public satisfaction in a new league table published by Parks for London, which aims to raise standards in public parks.

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Another tree has to go

The poplar tree near the tennis courts has become unstable and was heard

DSC_0485 DSC_0486

creaking in the wind by a park user who reported it to Parks. The new tree officer tells us that it is rotted through the trunk and likely to fall, especially now that high winds are expected.  It is going to be removed urgently.

Sad but Parks will replace it.






Field Day licensing application details

Inquiries by us about the absence of details on the Lambeth website have elicited the following:

The application will be published to the Council website later today with a closing date for representations of 5th March.  Just in case you are wondering, the reference to ‘Grant’ refers to the request and does not denote that there is an officer recommendation to ‘Grant’ the licence.

Access the page here