Fireworks at Brockwell Park

Fireworks 2014Lambeth Council’s fireworks event in Brockwell Park on 5th November 2014 is ticketed for the first time. Adult tickets are £7 (from NIL last year) and children under 16 will go free. The Council encourages people to buy their tickets before 5th November 2014. For further information visit Lambeth Council’s website

BPCP understands that the display will take place towards the Tulse Hill side of the Park this year and we ask that event goers are mindful of local residents when entering and exiting the Park. Thank you. Click here for a map showing the entrance and exit points for the event.

Lambeth’s full event programme as follows:

  •  5pm – event gates open (funfair, food stalls and bars)

  • From 5:30pm – Giant Mechanical fire Bird and Disco Turtle from Emergency Exit Arts will roam the event site and entertain the crowds

  • 6pm – Lords of Lightning

  • 7pm – Lighting of our 7m high Lighthouse Bonfire

  • There will be no entry to the event site after 7.30pm

  • 7:30pm – Lords of Lightning

  • 7:50pm – Human Catherine Wheel and Fire Bird performance

  • 8pm – 20 minute firework display

  • 8:20pm – South London Samba

  • 8:50pm – Lords of Lightning

  • 9pm – Giant mechanical Fire Bird and Disco Turtle from Emergency Exit Arts continue to roam the event site

  • 10pm – event close

  • All times are subject to change by the event organisers.

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