Public pressure forces Brockwell Paddling Pool to open!

IMG_1375 (1)We understand that Brockwell Park’s paddling pool is open this weekend.

Here is the latest update from Paul Carter, Park Manager:

Damaged pipes were removed this week in the rotunda. All the grilles have been removed and cleaned through . The main submersible pump was removed yesterday for inspection. As soon as we can either fix this it will be reinstalled. If not then if the damage is worse than we think we will have to buy another pump. At the moment we have bypassed the main system. There is water in the paddling pool for children to play in and checked by myself this afternoon.

As for the rock rivulet this is experiencing pressure loss in the area.This affects the walled garden as well. There has been a collassal loss of pressure which is external to Brockwell Park. I am hoping this will pick . Everything that we can do is being done at the present time. As soon as we can get this system back to full capacity we will do so. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone affected by this problem.

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