Park users furious as paddling pool closes yet again

paddling poolTo all park users

We said that the Park Manager, Paul Carter, would provide an update this week on the paddling pool. He has, and unfortunately it is not news that you want to hear.

According to Paul “the paddling pool has had some severe problems with burst pipes. The pump has been removed this morning [11th July] for inspection and repair where needed. At this point in time I cannot give a date when this problem will be resolved. We are striving to get this problem remedied. The rock rivulet with the village pump and the mushroom works. Also the drinking fountain works. I would like to offer my apologies to any inconvenience to park users. Everything is being done to get the ‘wet play’ back in action as quickly as we can.”

Are you happy with this explanation? Please use the form below to communicate directly with the Park Manager about the closure of the Paddling Pool and how it affects you.

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