Brockwell Park wildflower slope – details of wildflowers

WildflowerBelow are details of the wildflowers that you can see every day at the slope by the Brockwell Lido. With thanks to Vinnie O’Connell of New Leaf for compiling:

Clary sage. Timothy grass. Spear thistle. Quaking grass. Woodruff. Corn marigold. Red poppy. Shirley poppies. Opium poppy. Cornflower. Pot marigold. White clover. California Poppy. Hop trefoil. Bistort. Sow thistle. Shepards purse. Chamomile. Scarlet flax. Sun spurge. Goosefoot. Good king Henry. Gazania. Wall flower. Leucanthemum. Fleabane. Sweet alyssum. Bittercress. Black mustard. Greater plantain. Ribwort plantain. Marsh thistle. Mugwort. Cosmos. Groundsel. Garden Toadflax.Dogs mercury. Sandwort. Wall barley. Creeping buttercup. Pineapple weed. Corn cockle, sweetpea and french marigold, and flax.

**Update 5/8/13**

The Wildflower Slope has been added to Friends of the Earth ‘Bee Cause’ Map

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