Wasps close paddling pool

paddling poolLambeth Parks apologised to park users after Brockwell Park’s paddling pool was closed today – due to a wasps nest. The nest had been treated by Pest Control and they advised Lambeth that the facility should be kept closed in case the wasps were aggravated.

It is envisaged that the paddling pool will reopen on Tuesday 29th July.

Wet Play Area – dates for essential maintenance

paddling poolDear Park Users.

Lambeth Parks staff has advised that the paddling pool section of the wet play area will be out of action for essential maintenance work on Monday 14th July 2014, and every second Monday of each month until further notice.


The engineers are draining the tank to remove a build up of sludge and to ensure less breakdowns of the facility in future. A notice has also been placed on the gate to the wet play area.

Wet Play Area of Paddling Pool – closed on Monday 16th June

paddling poolUpdate from Paul Carter, Park Manager.

The wet play part of the paddling pool will be out of action on Monday 16th June 2014 for essential maintenance work. The wet play tank will be drained in order to reduce the potential for future breakdown. We have chosen to do the maintenance work on a Monday when the facility is less busy; and a message has been put on the gate to notify potential users of closure on Monday 16th June. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to park users of the water play for any inconvenience caused.