Brockwell Park Tree Trail – can you find 25 different trees?

If you love trees, you’ll love the Tree Trail – where you can map the location of 25 different types of tree in Brockwell Park. Let us know how you get on!

The map was devised by local artists Jo Spilman and Marilyn Rogers and launched at a storybox making event as part of the MADD for Brockwell Park Programme on Sunday 1st June 2014 (photos below). To order a hard copy of the Tree Trail map contact:

DSC01977 DSC01965 DSC01964 DSC01963 DSC01961 DSC01958


Damage update

BPCP logoA very merry Xmas to all park users.

A quick update on damage in Brockwell Park from Paul Carter, Park Manager, received yesterday:


  • Following Monday evening’s gale the Park lost an old hawthorn tree by the bowling green. This is currently blocking the road and has hazard tape on it. The remaining tree damage will be cleared in order of health and safety needs.
  • The new fence outside the Lido was hit buy a car last weekend. A temporary replacement barrier has been arranged until the damaged fence is repaired back to its original condition.