Commercial race in Brockwell Park provokes public anger

Brockwell Park users reacted angrily to the conduct of ‘Run Through’, a commercial 10km race provider, on Sunday 19th January.

Damaged tree enclosure
Damaged tree enclosure

Firstly, Run Through damaged a community tree enclosure on the Brockwell Park Gardens side of the Park by stapling their notice to one of the uprights. The other upright was knocked down. The Park Manager has been asked to rectify the damage and to send the invoice to Run Through.


Secondly, the 10km route of Run Through once again took over most of the park, making it dangerous and unpleasant for other park users, such as dog walkers, to use the park’s paths. Walking on the grass is not an alternative at present due to the very wet weather. Run Through also had unnecessary amplified music and shouted announcements which disturbed the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the park for other users that they may be entitled to expect on a Sunday morning after a busy week.

Brockwell Park Community Partners recognises the health benefits of organised physical exercise, but not to the extent that it spoils the amenity of the park for other users and causes material damage to park infrastructure. We have reported park user concerns to Lambeth Events Team who will contact Run Through for an explanation of their conduct.

Damage update

BPCP logoA very merry Xmas to all park users.

A quick update on damage in Brockwell Park from Paul Carter, Park Manager, received yesterday:


  • Following Monday evening’s gale the Park lost an old hawthorn tree by the bowling green. This is currently blocking the road and has hazard tape on it. The remaining tree damage will be cleared in order of health and safety needs.
  • The new fence outside the Lido was hit buy a car last weekend. A temporary replacement barrier has been arranged until the damaged fence is repaired back to its original condition.