Brockwell Park Community Partners votes for changing room block demolition

Changing Room Block
Photo courtesy of Georgina Rodgers

A public meeting of the BPCP today agreed to demolish the redundant changing room block building to its concrete base; and to use the base as a flexible space for community led sports facilities, including modular units for sports/class/training rooms at an approximate cost of £0.5M – £0.6M.

This is on the condition that the redevelopment of the Park’s Bowling Pavilion will be kept ‘on the table’ and discussed again in the light of emerging needs.

The decision was passed by a clear majority of BPCP’s voting members present at the public meeting. There was 14 votes for the proposal, and 2 votes against, with no abstentions.

This course of action had been recommended to the BPCP last month by a working group of interested park stakeholders; and has the full support of LB Lambeth’s Communities Team. The group considered that a redevelopment of the changing room block did not represent value for money. The approximate cost of redeveloping the redundant building was £1M and this was before refurbishment costs, and operating costs, for which there was no identified budget. To rebuild the changing room block elsewhere in the park would have cost approximately £1.5M.

The separate Bowling Pavilion is shared by the Bowlers, St Matthew’s Project (football) and the Tennis Players and there is a proposal to re-provide changing and classroom facilities in the Pavilion with an approximate cost of £150,000. LB Lambeth is currently reviewing its existing sports needs analysis alongside the new sports strategy for the Borough.

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