Norwood Lodge garden

As you pass by Norwood Lodge you might look round by the railings to see the crocuses and daffodils that we planted last November.  Until now this whole railing area was unloved, piles of rubbish and unpainted.  What a difference now!  We have been working on making the Norwood Road entrance more welcoming as it once was rather magnificent.  Take a closer look at the gates.

If you take pictures – please tweet @BrockwellparkcpNorwood Lodge cottage garden 1900

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More destruction to the Rosendale shelter

The Rosendale shelter has been vandalised again.  Usually we hear from someone about who might be responsible – especially as the rosendale path is so well used – but no-one seems to know anything.  It’s such a shame.  If you know anything about this – do tell us. The local Safer Neighbourhood team has been informed and will try to keep an eye on it. Their advice is that if you see something happening you should dial 999.



Vandalised Shelter?

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All things Hedge

So we have finished our 200 metre long layed old hedge – down by the ponds, and now we are beginning to look after the new but far longer hedge which we planted three years ago.  Some of the little hedge plants (whips) have not survived and some are swathed in weeds, others have done well and so need a bit of pruning.  Tomorrow, Sunday the 28th of February we begin up at the very beginning – by the corner of Brockwell Park Gardens and the Cressingham estate.  I remember when we planted the first few whips in 2013.  It was a freezing day in February and we were organised by Richard Jedrzejczack of The Trust Conservation Volunteers. We got a mug of tea at 11am! with biscuits!  It seems a long time ago. So now we must give it some TLC.  First we will dig holes for the new whips, which are the same age as the ones we planted in 2013.  We were lucky enough to be given these by the London Wildlife Trust last week.  Then we add some compost and the whips, then firm up the soil around them.  We hope to get as far as the first Cressingham Gate and will be planting about 30 whips.  If we achieve this we can prune and tidy as we go and then mulch the whole section with bark chippings.  This will keep the weeds down and provide compost to give the new hedge a boost. We have tweeted for volunteers so maybe we will see you there.  If not we’ll put picture on this site.


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Executive Committee members sought

brockwell-park-map2.jpgBPCP seeks new members for its Executive Committee following the decision of the current voluntary Treasurer to retire at the Charity’s next AGM, after eight successful years.

For further information, contact

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Commercial run operator provokes more public anger

Run ThroughBrockwell Park users once again reacted angrily to the conduct of Run Through, a commercial 10km race provider, on Sunday 10th January 2016.

Park user groups have received allegations that the event resulted in:

  • unnecessarily loud music played at 9am on a Sunday, disturbing local residents.
  • inadequate and ineffective marshalling of the event. Park users not participating in the event were forced to walk on the grass in the mud by runners who would not give way.
  • abuse of Brockwell Lido staff by Run Through participants when they were told that they could not use Lido facilities, including toilets and first aid.
  • blocking of the Lido entrance, car park and Dulwich Road by Run Through participants.
  • failure by Run Through to declare on its website that proceeds from the event are being donated to charity – despite Lambeth Events Team recording this as a ‘charity event’.

Run Through’s operation has previously proved controversial with park users, as this article from January 2014 shows.

Brockwell Park’s management team, comprising of park stakeholder groups and Lambeth staff, will seek to resolve these issues with Lambeth Events Team next week and to avoid a repeat – as Events has scheduled Run Through to return to the Park in August 2016.

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