On 9th December, Lambeth Council approved Brockwell Park Community Partners as its community partner in the management and operational delivery of Brockwell Park under the ‘Co-operative Parks Programme’. BPCP will work with Lambeth Council to improve the Park’s strategic management and operational delivery and will constitute a parks management board and operations committee in support of this objective.

4 thoughts on “Management

  1. Galya Wells

    Hello, presumably ‘operational management’ includes responsible rubbish collection ? Just had coffees in Brickell park cafe and there are no recycling bins. The general rubbish bins overflown with plastic cups and plates that could have been recycled. Should n’t ‘green flag’ parks be environmentally green as well ?

    1. Thanks for your comment. In fact we do not manage any of the parks operations, we are a stakeholder forum and advisory group.
      However, we passed this comment on to the Park teams and they replied saying that they are aware that they could do better on recycling but that there are huge problems with contamination of recycling bins (by food, we imagine). They are looking for ways to improve recycling. With regard to things like single use cups, which cafes are relying on during the pandemic, there are not many recycling centres that can deal with them as they have a plastic lining that needs to be separated from the carboard outer. They claim to be compostable but they can only be put in a carefully managed compost facility and again – it’s only some so called compostable cups that this can be done with.

      The Green Flag covers all sorts of recycling, including plant waste, not just refuse.

      Massive amounts of the Parks budget goes on collecting waste, so our view is that people should take their rubbish home.
      Hope you find this useful.

      1. Rachel Perkins

        The view that people should take their rubbish home is quite right but it’s meaningless as a strategy for managing waste because they don’t. I have stopped visiting Brockwell Park at the weekends because the overflowing bin situation is so bad. Small, badly designed bins and NO bin emptying at the weekend. I am not sure how the park has held in to its green flag status as it doesn’t meet the criteria relating to litter management

  2. During this summer the accumulation of litter in the park increased three-fold. It would be impossible for the council to triple the park’s litter budget or increase the number of staff three-fold. Some of the answer has to come from the community. As for the small rubbish bins, we can campaign (and we do) for their replacement and for more euro bins to be sited in the park but public attitudes need to change and that will take time.

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