Like the Brockwell wildflower slope? We’d love your feedback

We are delighted that the wildflower slope has been receiving so much attention from park users, judging by the hugely positive comments received and glorious pictures posted on various social media.


The project was a happy collaboration between Brockwell Park Community Partners’ (BPCP) Biodiversity Group, Brockwell Lido Users and Friends of Brockwell Park. Special thanks to Susy Hogarth, BPCP Secretary, whose vision inspired this project; and to those that kindly volunteered a Sunday morning in April to sow the seeds.

If you’d like to see more wildflower areas or biodiversity projects in Brockwell Park tell us where you think they should be, using the form below.

Bloomin’ marvellous! Brockwell Park Lido slope becomes wildflower haven

Brockwell Park Lido’s slope has become a wonderful wildflower sight!

Come and have a look before the flowers fade – they don’t last long. And if you like it, do let us know by emailing: or Twitter: @BrockwellParkCP

growing 6

Finally! The Wildflower Slope is finished

On a lovely sunny Good Friday morning at 11am, we waited to see who would come and help us sow the wildflower seed over the entire length of the newly prepared lido slope.  To our delight 18 people of all ages arrived!  Most were properly attired to get muddy on the slope and everyone  helped with  sowing the seed and then carefully raking afterwards.

All got finished before 12am and so the last stage in a long process was complete.  Thanks to everyone who contributed, both today and over the past 18 months.

IMG_1045What you can currently see is a bare and muddy slope – but over the coming months it should be transformed into a riot of colour and texture.

If you want to be involved in further spring and summer projects – look out for the park posters or email: