Commercial run operator provokes more public anger

Run ThroughBrockwell Park users once again reacted angrily to the conduct of Run Through, a commercial 10km race provider, on Sunday 10th January 2016.

Park user groups have received allegations that the event resulted in:

  • unnecessarily loud music played at 9am on a Sunday, disturbing local residents.
  • inadequate and ineffective marshalling of the event. Park users not participating in the event were forced to walk on the grass in the mud by runners who would not give way.
  • abuse of Brockwell Lido staff by Run Through participants when they were told that they could not use Lido facilities, including toilets and first aid.
  • blocking of the Lido entrance, car park and Dulwich Road by Run Through participants.
  • failure by Run Through to declare on its website that proceeds from the event are being donated to charity – despite Lambeth Events Team recording this as a ‘charity event’.

Run Through’s operation has previously proved controversial with park users, as this article from January 2014 shows.

Brockwell Park’s management team, comprising of park stakeholder groups and Lambeth staff, will seek to resolve these issues with Lambeth Events Team next week and to avoid a repeat – as Events has scheduled Run Through to return to the Park in August 2016.

Surge in crime at Brockwell Park

downloadThe Metropolitan Police has notified of an increase in criminal activity in Brockwell Park.

  • There was a serious sexual assault in the park on the 13th of May between 2150 and 2200 which is being investigated by experienced Detectives from the Met’s Sexual offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command. (0208 721 4128). The suspects are described as in their 20’s, both white and left via the Lido gate. This was a horrible incident. However, the Police would like to re-assure park users that this is an isolated incident.
  • In addition there have been several instances of criminal damage amounting to tens of thousands of pounds: multiple windows damaged at Brockwell Hall in a series of incidents, damaged windows in the greenhouse, bins set on fire, notice boards set on fire. According to local fire officers, there has been an increase in this style of criminal damage, so Brockwell is not alone.
  • However ….YOU CAN HELP. If you see it happening; please, please phone 999 there and then. This will be the most effective was of us catching the suspects. Please encourage other to do the same. You can also contact Herne Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 649 2008 or
  • You can also email to Brockwell Park Parkwatch so that we can log in the incident.

Vandalism mars Brockwell Park bank holiday

We regret to report that Brockwell Park was once again the target of vandalism across the Bank Holiday weekend.

GreenhouseOn May Day we received reports of further smashed windows at the Community Greenhouses.

Nine window panes have been smashed to date by rocks being thrown deliberately over the Greenhouses fence.


CEASbYmWYAAcUlJ IMG_1279The following day saw the Rosendale shelter facility vandalised.

An alert park user photographed three children, alleged to have caused the damage to the shelter, exiting the scene.

Later in the weekend a fire was lit in the ladies toilets by Brockwell Hall, which was stopped from spreading by alert contractors. Three panes of glass in the men’s toilets were smashed and there has also been excessive damage to park noticeboards.

All of this follows arson at the tennis court shelter and vandalism to the shelter between Norwood Road and Herne Hill earlier in the year.

If you have any information on these incidents, please report to the police.

If you see anti social behaviour in the Park, you can:

  • Phone the Police. 101 for non-emergency situations; 999 for emergencies
  • Phone Lambeth Council on 020 7926 4000
  • Email Brockwell Park Watch at

Please make a note of the date, time and description of any suspicious activity but do not intervene directly.

Reporting anti social behaviour in Brockwell Park

Parkwatch signageTo all Brockwell Park users

One of BPCP’s aims is make Brockwell Park a safe and welcoming space and we hope that the recent £6M restoration of the Park has gone a long way to achieving that aim.

If you are aware of any anti social behaviour in the Park, this is what you can do:

For Anti Social Behaviour.

  • Phone Lambeth Council on 020 7926 4000
  • Non-emergency situations. Phone the Police on 101.
  • Email Brockwell Park Watch at

For Emergencies:

  • Dial 999

Many thanks

Brockwell Park Community Partners.