Brockwell Park Wet Play Area – update

paddling poolApart from Wednesday 28th May, when it will be shut for essential maintenance, Brockwell Park’s Wet Play Area is now operational. Please note that routine maintenance to the Wet Play Area will take place once a month on a Monday, when the facility is less used. This is necessary to prevent the facility breaking down. For further information please contact me through Brockwell Park Community Partners. 

Many thanks

Paul Carter, Brockwell Park Manager.

Brockwell Park Paddling Pool – update

Dear Park Users

Lambeth’s Parks Department provided the following update on the Paddling Pool / Water Play / Wet Play Area today:

The contractors have repaired the pumps and filters and started sterilising the entire system yesterday [20th August]. This involves running Chlorine solution through the pipes and tanks and takes a few days to make sure the system is completely clean. 

We will carry out water bacteria tests tomorrow [22nd August] and make every effort to open the waterplay for this weekend.

paddling pool

Paddling Pool – Out of Action for One Week

paddling poolDear park users

We have been advised by Lambeth Parks that the Brockwell Park Paddling Pool (wet play/water play area) will be turned off for at least one week from 5pm today, Friday 9th August, for emergency repairs.


The sand filters which allow the water to drain away have become blocked over the summer, so these need to be cleaned and replaced. The blocked filters are causing water to build up in the area and over the last week contractors have used mobile pumps to clear away standing water.

The repairs are required immediately, so that the filter system works efficiently to prevent bacteria and keep the water clean and safe to use by local people. Lambeth Parks will work with the contractors to make sure that the repairs are completed to this popular facility as soon as possible.