Herne Hill Music Festival close MADD for Brockwell Park 2014

Lambeth Wind OrchestraLambeth Wind Orchestra brings the curtain down on MADD for Brockwell Park 2014 with a free performance at 1.30pm on Sunday 12th October 2014.

The Orchestra will play popular bandstand favourites either at the Performance Space or, if it is raining, at Brockwell Hall.

The free performance is part of Herne Hill Music Festival and is sandwiched between two ticketed Festival performances – an earlier concert at Brockwell Hall and a later jazz set at the Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses.

Brockwell Park Community Partners will collect funds at the free performance to support future MADD for Brockwell Park community events.

Third Thought Theatre illuminate Brockwell Park’s Walled Garden

3rd thought 7Third Thought Theatre’s free performance of  ‘Invisible People’ in the Walled Garden on Sunday 28th September 2014 was well received by around 300 park users in fine weather.

Visitors were provided with coloured counters which they handed to actors in white tunics dotted about the Garden on raised platforms.

The actors performed either a scene, joke, trick, poem or gave advice depending on the colour of the counter. Innovative – and not intrusive to other users of the Walled Garden.

3rd thought 11 3rd thought 10 3rd thought 9 3rd thought 8 3rd thought 6 3rd thought 5 3rd thought 4 3rd thought 3 3rd thought 2 3rd thought 1



3rdthought theatre perform Invisible People

photoinvisible peopleFresh back from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where they performed at the Royal Botanic Garden and the International Book Festival, 3rdthought theatre company members are bringing their one-to-one, face-to-face show Invisible People to the Walled Garden in Brockwell Park on Sunday 28th September between 12 and 4.

You’ll be a given a packet of coloured counters that will enable you to enjoy a story, a poem, a joke, a scene, a conjuring trick and a bit of good advice – each 2 minute show from a different person.

The event is free, although Brockwell Park Community Partners (registered charity no 1137168) will conduct a fundraising collection for future community events in the Park.

Sax appeal

saxophone choirLondon Saxophone Choir perform an eclectic mix of baroque to modern, classical to jazz, folk to pop and everything in between.

The concert takes place at the Performance Space, Brockwell Hall, 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 14 September 2014 and is FREE. There will be a fundraising collection in support of BPCP’s community events in the park.