Brockwell Park users raise thousands for the Clocktower

Clocktower at presentBrockwell Park users have raised thousands of pounds towards the restoration of the historic clock and tower since mid July 2013.

The fundraising appeal was administered by the Friends of Brockwell Park and supported by Herne Hill Society and Brockwell Park Community Partners.

The Friends have now closed the appeal and the clock-tower group will shortly arrange for its restoration to working order.

Thank you for supporting this initiative.

Friends of Brockwell Park launches appeal to restore historic clocktower

Clocktower at presentA £20K project to restore Brockwell Park’s historic clock and tower to working order was launched this afternoon with a generous donation by former Lambeth Mayor, Rudy Daley JP.

The donation, in memory of Rudy’s wife, Una Maud Daley, was presented to the Chair of Friends of Brockwell Park at 2.15pm by the clock-tower, near Brockwell Hall. The Friends are co-ordinating the fundraising appeal;  the clock-tower project is also supported by two local fora – the Herne Hill Society and Brockwell Park Community Partners.

The clock and its tower were presented to Brockwell Park by the second MP for Norwood, Charles Ernest Tritton, in 1897, to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In design, it is similar to the ‘Little Ben’ near Victoria Station. The Clock kept time in the Park for nearly 100 years but has not worked for two decades.

The clock was wound by hand once a week, a ceremony attended by local children, according to author Jeffrey Rumble. In the interests of tradition and energy conservation, the clock-tower group will arrange for the original mechanism to be restored, rather than replacing it with an electronic version. It will still need to be wound once a week.

Anyone who would like to be part of this historic initiative will be able to donate shortly on the Friends of Brockwell Park website. The Friends welcome all donations, large or small, and they will acknowledge all donors in a commemorative booklet, and online, when the clock is reinstated.

Clocktower Restoration

Old ClocktowerThe clocktower outside Brockwell Hall has long been a familiar landmark. It was installed in the jubilee year of Queen Victoria’s reign with Funds raised by Ernest Tritton the member of parliament who succeeded Thomas Bristowe. Unfortunately the funds from the lottery Clocktower at presentbid did not cover its restoration and has recently been covered with wooden shutters to protect it during the restoration works in the park. Never the less, its restoration has long been a priority project for the park community and there is currently a working group looking to raise funds to restore the clocktower to its former glory.