Bling Ya Bike

Bling Ya Bike is a bicycle repair and design project for young people that operates mainly in Lambeth. Developed by a community artist / fashion designer from the US, ‘BYB’ encourages young people to use and develop their skills and creativity through bicycle maintenance and bicycle design. BYB has taken place on a funded and unfunded basis in Brockwell Park and in local community centres since 2008. In 2012, a variant on the project, Bling Ya Fashion, was launched. BPCP has provided major funding for the following projects:

Cressingham Gardens Estate, Spring 2012. Supported by The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, London Community Foundation, BPCP and Brixton Community Base.

Bling Ya Bike Programme

Bling Ya Fashion Programme

Tulse Hill Estate, July 2011 – Bling Ya Bike Workshop. Supported by BPCP and a local Forum

The Philosophy of Bling Ya Bike

This specially commissioned film explains the philosophy of Bling Ya Bike.

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