Field Day moves on….

BP 11 June 2018 24BP 11 June 2018 13

…but leaves a legacy of damage to the park infrastructure. There have been many pictures of the aftermath of their visit; we add here a few of our own. It is clear that the path edges took a battering.  There is extensive damage to greensward especially in the area to the top of the event field, closer to Brockwell Hall. One path close to the Hall is totally destroyed and unusable; it will have to be completely replaced and there are instances of minor (though not to the people who donated them) damage to some benches and, recently discovered, to the Clocktower – not major but annoying.
The more lunar-looking areas are due to the greensward being treated and prepared for re-seeding by aerating (Vertidraining) and chain harrowing; this work will ultimately be beneficial but we would have preferred not to be in the position of needing it.

BP 11 June 2018 10BP 11 June 2018 37

Some repairs, including some re-turfing will have to be postponed until after the Lambeth Country Show, which will prolong the time that the park will be affected by the Field Day event.

On the plus side, Lambeth’s new tree officer has now purchased equipment which will measure the degree of compaction of the soil around trees and is busy compiling baseline measurements so as too be able to monitor the effect of heavy traffic on trees in the longer term.

We are compiling a feedback report for Cllr Winifred, now re-appointed as Cabinet member for Culture. Watch this space.

Thanks to John for photographs.







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