Field Day, the licensing consultation has begun

The Field day & Mighty Hoopla licence application was submitted yesterday . There will be a 28 day statutory consultation period during which you can comment on the application.

This is advertised by way of blue notices around the park and an advertisement in the local press as well as on the Lambeth Council Website. The website also has details of how to comment on an application here.

All objections/supporting comments are put before the Licensing Committee; they have to to address Lambeth’s Licensing objectives:

1. Prevention of crime and disorder

2. Public safety

3. Prevention of public nuisance

4. Protection of children from harm; this largely relates to licensing of “adult” entertainment 

Applicants will see the objections and will be allowed to answer them. If you wish to see the full details of the licence application, please contact us for a copy.

The map below shows the extent of the Field Day and Mighty Hoopla venue within Brockwell Park

Field Day - Licensable Area copy


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