Lambeth’s consultation process explained….

This explanation of the process for applications to hold events in Lambeth’s parks was received from Lee Fiorentino, Director of Lambeth Events:

As per the Councils events policy outlined in the Events Guide, the event application process is set out in 4 stages which all event applicants must meet in order to be granted approval to move to each stage and then to the final stage 4 permission to use Council land for an event.

All applications are added on a weekly basis to the Events Programme Calendar spread sheet which is then emailed weekly to Park Management Advisory Committees, Friends of Parks, key external stakeholders, Council staff, ward councillors and local MPs. This gives interested parties regular weekly opportunities to request further information from the events team should they require it on a particular proposed event listed. All event applications can be approved or rejected at any stage of the event application process and so not permit to proceed any further through the process.

Detailed below sets out the event application process and timelines which is set out in out Events Guide for your information.

Events Application Process
• Stage 1 – Operational and Technical Assessment of Event Applications. Once submitted to us these can take up to 10 working days or even 4 weeks for larger events to process depending the level of technical and operational assessment needed by the events team to approve it to proceed to Stage 2 of the event application process.
• Stage 2 – Safety Assessment by Lambeth Events Safety Advisory Group (LESAG) remember this is only for large and major events, so smaller ones normally fast track through this process.
• Stage 3 – Local Community & Ward Councillor Engagement. We want to make sure as many local people as possible are aware of you event and we give them around 3 weeks to comment or raise any concerns to us on an event application. For small and medium low risk events this is a notification to local community groups & ward councillors of the event taking place via our calendar.
• Stage 4 – Final Assessment and Decision to grant the Park or Street – Event Permit. Once you have your permit we help to support and promote the event in a variety of ways on our Events website, through our social media networks and community links.

Event Application Timescales
Aligned with the above protocols are also event guidelines and timescales of which all event applicants have to adhere to for their applications. These are highlighted in our events guide and our events application forms. For major events (20,000+ people) the application must be made at least twelve months in advance.

The current statuses for the event applications for both Lovebox and Field Day are that they are at Stage 3 Community Engagement until 21 January. Following this we will be collating the feedback, comments and responses to the events service for inclusion within the Event Proformas so that the lead Cabinet Member and Director can make their assessment and final decision on granting permits for these two events. I understand that you have already sent back the feedback to this from the BPCP and this will be included for the assessment.

Stage 3   Local community and ward councillor engagement for large or major events is a period of time set aside for the Lambeth event staff and the Large or Major event applicant to engage with the BPCP and local ward councillors. We do this formally using an event proforma document which is then circulated to the BPCP for input and we also look to set up a time that is convenient for the BPCP and the event organisers to do a formal presentation on the event. (This is not always possible – Ed)

It is only once a positive decision has been made by the Lead Cabinet Member and the Director of Environment to grant a Park Event Permit that the applicants will go on to apply for a premises licence. If the decision is to refuse the permit then there would of course be no point in the applicants trying to obtain a premises licence. If the permit was granted, however, the licence applications would only go to the Licensing Sub-Committee in the event of relevant representations being made against the applications. If no representations were made against the application then they must be granted by officers under delegated powers. I would add, for the sake of completeness, that there might also need to be an application for planning permission for all Brockwell Park events, which would be considered separately.

Only when all the licences and permissions are in place and we have a final acceptance from the LESAG members do we actually issue the permit to use the park as we continue to follow our process right up to the events. This process can be very lengthy for large and major events.

2 thoughts on “Lambeth’s consultation process explained….

  1. Susan Powell

    What’s the point of a pretend consultation, when, according to the email I received from a councillor, the decision is already made? She didn’t say, ‘We’ll Take your views into account when making a decision’, just that the council needed the money. I won’t be voting Labour in the next local election, although I have always done so before.

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