Events, deadline for consultation extended to 21st Jan

Received from Lee Fiorentino, director of Events and applies to both applications, LoveBox and Field Day

This is formal notification that the event pro-forma Stage 3 community engagement process for the Field Day event, which started on the 20 November 2017 was for 3 weeks and scheduled to end on the 11 December 2017. However to take in to account the increased interest in this event and the holiday period we decided to extend the community engagement from 3 weeks to 9 weeks which means the final deadline date for responding back with comments to the Events team will be 21 January 2018. Please can you ensure you have sent all your feedback, comments and any concerns to us by Sunday 21 January 2018. The final Stage 4 decision to grant the Park Event Permit will be decided week commencing the 29 January 2018.

Lambeth Events say that once the Park Permit decisions are made at the end of January the Event Licence applications for LoveBox and Field Day will be submitted, probably during the first week in February. There follows a 28 day formal consultation period during which the views of the statutory consultees (e.g. Police) will be considered. There is no reason why the general public may not make their own submissions before the deadline at the beginning of March. All the submissions have to be put before the Licensing Committee. The form can be accessed here

Your submission has to address Lambeth’s Licensing objectives:

1. Prevention of crime and disorder

2. Public safety

3. Prevention of public nuisance

4. Protection of children from harm (moral protection, that is)


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