Sunfall event 12th August

A combination of bad weather and a lot of very big lorries during set-up!

The Sunfall event expects up to 18,000 people and will take place on Saturday. We are concerned for the park because the ground is very wet.

Sunfall organisers’  community notice promises that they will have a care for waste management, community safety and that they have doubled their number of noise monitors to ensure that they remain with limits.


If you have comments or concerns you can contact them on a dedicated hotline as follows: Email enquiries: Telephone: 07749 948670 Name: Laura Armstrong. Let us know your views too.


2 thoughts on “Sunfall event 12th August

  1. Dave

    Failure of crowd control and stampede put festival goers lives at serious risk. Event organisation non existent and police had to take control. Please ensure that Sunfall is never again awarded licence to operate at Brockwell Park.

  2. We will do our best but we do not have enough clout when it comes to preventing Lambeth Events doing what they want. We hope this will change. This event seems to have been worse organised than anything previous. We were not given any useful details by Lambeth Events until the day before the Sunfall festival was due to start, so were prevented from commenting in advance.

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