Changes at the Wet Play area

The sand-pit in the wet play area has been removed.

Sand and water do not mix well, except by the sea and there have been ongoing problems from sand getting into the plumbing for the water sprays, which have been expensive to fix and have put the wet play area out of action many times.

We had hoped it might be possible to have a new fountain that children could run through installed where the sand used to be but this would involve a very expensive and lengthy modification, so was out of the question. A pity but the grass is nice for sunbathing.WP_20170516_14_50_20_Pro

The sand at the Playground will stay!

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2 Responses to Changes at the Wet Play area

  1. Alice says:

    This is a younger childrens sandpit that small children benefit from all year round. The larger playground in Brockwell park caters for older children so this playground was a safe haven for carers of younger ones. It is a perfect set up in which tiny kids can safely play in the sand while carers can see across the entire site.
    The water is only turned on for a few months in the year. The decision to grass over the sandpit area without consultation with the families who use the facility in a daily basis is absurd. And the thought of ‘sunbathing’ with under 3’s is an irresponsible statement. Bring back the sandpit!

  2. Sam Britton says:

    Who thought this was a good idea? Was there ANY consulatation with the hundreds of families with babies and toddlers who use the SAND PIT 365 DAYS A YEAR???? YES 365 DAYS A YEAR!!!!!! The water is only on for a maximum of 6 months a year (if that), the sand pit serves everyone ALL YEAR. I would hapilly LIST THE HUNDREDS OF TIMES I HAVE BEEN IN THE SAND PIT AT 9AM out of water season and WE HAD AN AWESOME TIME. THIS IS A MASSIVE MISTAKE.

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