All things Hedge

So we have finished our 200 metre long layed old hedge – down by the ponds, and now we are beginning to look after the new but far longer hedge which we planted three years ago.  Some of the little hedge plants (whips) have not survived and some are swathed in weeds, others have done well and so need a bit of pruning.  Tomorrow, Sunday the 28th of February we begin up at the very beginning – by the corner of Brockwell Park Gardens and the Cressingham estate.  I remember when we planted the first few whips in 2013.  It was a freezing day in February and we were organised by Richard Jedrzejczack of The Trust Conservation Volunteers. We got a mug of tea at 11am! with biscuits!  It seems a long time ago. So now we must give it some TLC.  First we will dig holes for the new whips, which are the same age as the ones we planted in 2013.  We were lucky enough to be given these by the London Wildlife Trust last week.  Then we add some compost and the whips, then firm up the soil around them.  We hope to get as far as the first Cressingham Gate and will be planting about 30 whips.  If we achieve this we can prune and tidy as we go and then mulch the whole section with bark chippings.  This will keep the weeds down and provide compost to give the new hedge a boost. We have tweeted for volunteers so maybe we will see you there.  If not we’ll put picture on this site.


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