Brockwell Park Playground Poppies

Playground PoppiesThe second part of our contribution to Lambeth’s ‘green corridor’ was over by the Effra Early Learning Centre.  In 2015 we completely dug over the 72 foot long patch and then sowed mainly poppies.  The installation shares a set of railings with the Centre and so we have to be careful to respect that boundary.  We went for a ‘pop’ of colour that is framed by the railings and the trees behind.  We were able to put up a small green fence through the donations received from Brockwell Park Community Partners and Friends of Brockwell Park. The Trust Community Volunteers manager, Richard Jedrzejczak sourced the fence, and came with the team to install it in March.  Now we have a wonderful display of multi coloured poppies that provide a much needed source of nectar and pollen for the bees and butterflies you can see there.

This was our fourth year for this installation and the first wildflower area we created.  It almost happened by accident!  Blakedown Services had renewed the big pipe that lay beneath the ground in the area and so in October 2010, we sprinkled poppy seeds along the furrow that was left.  Imagine our surprise in March of 2011 – when an army of small poppies emerging! So after some negotiation about how to look after the strip – we were allowed to keep it for that year.  They came out as the new playground was opened and received so many compliments that with a slight re-sighting to the front of the Effra fence – it has remained ever since and gave us the confidence to tackle the 600 square meters of the wildflower slope at the Lido.

Susy Hogarth, BPCP Secretary

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