Cressingham Gardens Estate vista must be preserved

CressinghamBPCP has asked Lambeth to preserve the vista to and from the Park at Cressingham Gardens Estate. Below is an extract of a letter sent to Lambeth and outlines our position.

The Cressingham Gardens estate occupies a sensitive position on the highest point of the western border of Brockwell Park, which is a Grade 2 listed park and has become part of the park’s skyline. The low rise buildings and their orientation ensure that this skyline is not dominated by buildings and offers a gentle and aesthetically pleasing view of that edge of the Park. The current building line ensures the observer is not so aware of the pressures of nearby urban development, something which park users greatly appreciate. In addition, the views of the park, as you approach its western boundary from Tulse Hill through the Cressingham Gate is open and inviting and gives an uninterrupted vista towards the ponds and the Walled Garden.

We are most concerned that these features of the boundary should be preserved and that the view from the park should not be compromised by high-rise buildings or by orientating buildings parallel with the boundary. Buildings should not be above the tree line and that the open nature of the approach from Tulse Hill should also be protected.

This is our official policy and will form the basis of our response to any formal planning consultation, however, we were anxious that the views of the Brockwell Park stakeholders (who comprise the greater part of our membership) should be known to officers before plans for the estate are finalised.

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