Found Festival – potential disruption to Brockwell Park users

Found Festival FenceTo all park users.

The Found Festival takes place on 13th June 2015. This is a commercial arrangement between Lambeth Events Team and Found Series.

Currently the Found Festival site is being constructed in Brockwell Park and will take place around the corral area. The fencing will be in place until 14th June 2015 and dismantled thereafter.

I would like to offer my apologies for any inconvenience caused to Brockwell Park users.

Paul Carter, Manager, Brockwell Park.

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4 Responses to Found Festival – potential disruption to Brockwell Park users

  1. Richard Hayes says:

    I thought Brockwell Park was a public space? Totally unacceptable to hire it out. Who gets the money??

    • mallgood73 says:

      Proposals are that a third goes back into the Park, a third goes to other green spaces in Lambeth and a third goes to Lambeth Council coffers. Any complaints should be directed to Lambeth Events Team:

    • James Mayfield says:

      This is unacceptable the noise is carrying over to Peckham. Kids are trying to revise for GCSEs and drugs are being consumed in broad daylight at Herne Hill. What compensation do the residents get for this?

      Don’t book this festival again next year – you will face significant opposition. The park is a public space not a money making tool.

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