Surge in crime at Brockwell Park

downloadThe Metropolitan Police has notified of an increase in criminal activity in Brockwell Park.

  • There was a serious sexual assault in the park on the 13th of May between 2150 and 2200 which is being investigated by experienced Detectives from the Met’s Sexual offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command. (0208 721 4128). The suspects are described as in their 20’s, both white and left via the Lido gate. This was a horrible incident. However, the Police would like to re-assure park users that this is an isolated incident.
  • In addition there have been several instances of criminal damage amounting to tens of thousands of pounds: multiple windows damaged at Brockwell Hall in a series of incidents, damaged windows in the greenhouse, bins set on fire, notice boards set on fire. According to local fire officers, there has been an increase in this style of criminal damage, so Brockwell is not alone.
  • However ….YOU CAN HELP. If you see it happening; please, please phone 999 there and then. This will be the most effective was of us catching the suspects. Please encourage other to do the same. You can also contact Herne Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 649 2008 or
  • You can also email to Brockwell Park Parkwatch so that we can log in the incident.

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