Brockwell Park ‘before’ & ‘after’ the £6M restoration

Brockwell Park has been transformed by a £6M restoration programme, funded by the National Lottery and Lambeth Council.

This free booklet shows the Park ‘before’ and ‘after’ the £6M major works, which included:

  • Restored features: Children’s Playground, Community Greenhouses, Norwood Lodge, Ponds and Bridges, Sand and Water Play area, Temple and Walled Garden.
  • Improved infrastructure: New shelters, railings and entrances, path and drainage works, planting and site furniture.

The restoration was achieved through a partnership between BPCP, Lambeth Council, Lottery funders, Land Use consultants and Blakedown contractors.

Brockwell Hall was not part of the restoration programme. However a further, multi million pound Lottery bid is planned shortly to improve public access to the Hall and its facilities.

One thought on “Brockwell Park ‘before’ & ‘after’ the £6M restoration

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