Reporting anti social behaviour in Brockwell Park

Parkwatch signageTo all Brockwell Park users

One of BPCP’s aims is make Brockwell Park a safe and welcoming space and we hope that the recent £6M restoration of the Park has gone a long way to achieving that aim.

If you are aware of any anti social behaviour in the Park, this is what you can do:

For Anti Social Behaviour.

  • Phone Lambeth Council on 020 7926 4000
  • Non-emergency situations. Phone the Police on 101.
  • Email Brockwell Park Watch at

For Emergencies:

  • Dial 999

Many thanks

Brockwell Park Community Partners.

One thought on “Reporting anti social behaviour in Brockwell Park

  1. Velogal

    Hi we need some basic etiquette rules for park runners and cyclists maybe all users?!

    I have lived next to the park for 30 years and go through it dozens of times a week mostly on bike.
    I am considerate and do slow down, give doggies an especially wide berth and give way etc.

    I also run. (without headphones as I like the park sounds and to be able to hear other park users) And walk in the park.

    One day I could not get into the park from Cressingham gate for the mass of runners – taking up the whole breadth of the path.
    Could we request a run/cycle on the left whichever direction you are going? And not 6 abreast!

    Also 2 weeks ago my husband was knocked off his bike as he entered the park and badly injured including a broken hand.

    Although he looked as he entered the park another cyclist was coming down so fast next to the park entrance he knocked my husband clean side ways. (Lower Cressingham entrance)

    It does not help with bushes and signs placed so they obscure egress and exits.

    Food for thought.

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