Thank You

MAD for Brockwell Park

Many thanks to all that have performed at, organised and supported MAD for Brockwell Park community events 2008 – 2013 which covered everything from street dancing to Shakespeare. We began counting audience numbers in 2010 and over the last few years we have attracted around 23,000 local people to 52 community music, arts and drama events in the Park.

Special thanks to those dedicated members of Brockwell Park Community Partners’ (BPCP) MAD Committee over the years that have volunteered a considerable number of hours (and sweat!) to make the Programme such a success: Matthew Allgood, Peter Bradley, Rachel Coldicutt, Caroline Funnell, Peter Gibbons, Hannah Gibbs, Theresa Hoare, Lamonte Johnson, Ann Kingsbury, Sarnia McKenzie, Lara Mifsud-Bonici, Laura Morland, Sarah Nicoise, Kate Sawyer, Simone Spencer, Cathy Warren, Claire Weeks-Pearson.

The events programme was mainly funded by the National Lottery under Service Level Agreement (SLA) with LB Lambeth. Local businesses kindly supported the costs of…

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