A Statement By Brockwell Park Community Partners

Dear partners and park usersBPCP logo

Many thanks for coming to our Annual General Meeting.

We were delighted that Colette Thomas, Chair of the Lambeth Parks Forum, delivered an inspiring and passionate speech which reminded us of the very reason why we became involved in Parks in the first place. BPCP also provided an annual report on its community activities and independently examined financial accounts for 2013/14.

We regret that the Chair of the Friends of Brockwell Park, Peter Bradley, requested that the AGM be invalidated on a technicality; that the meeting notice had been distributed by email to our mailing list, and not by post or in person as required by our constitution. 

Brockwell Park Community Partners’ Executive will now review its constitution and circulate a revised copy to its partners; and announce a revised Annual General Meeting date for later in the year where the revised constitution will be voted on. We will also elect Officers, and hold a public forum following the conclusion of official business.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you later in the year.


Brockwell Park Community Partners Executive

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