End of the Line for the MAD Programme?

The MAD Programme signs off in style with a double bill of artistic events on Sunday 29th September.

Promenade theatre

3rd thoughtThe first is promenade theatre in the Walled Garden. ‘Journeys – the End of the Line’, explores the personal memoirs of writers and refugees.

The production has been put together by Southwark based 3rdthought theatre collective and will involve five performances of around 30 minutes each, with performances on the hour from 11am to 3pm. It follows a successful stint at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last month.

Each performance can take up to 20 people, and advance reservations are recommended by contacting 3rdthought through their Facebook page

Claymaking workshop

blue_plaqueThe second event is a free claymaking workshop between 2pm & 5pm at the Performance Space next to Brockwell Hall, by Brixton artist Marilyn Rogers.

Suitable for all ages, the workshop aims to create plaques of your heroes and heroines in our local community. Marilyn was inspired to put the workshop on for local people due to the demise this year of “Blue Plaques”.

Future of the MAD Programme

The events conclude the MAD For Brockwell Park Programme 2008 – 2013, which was mainly supported by National Lottery funds under Service Level Agreement with LB Lambeth.

From now on our funding reduces to zero. We need to raise at least £5K to run a similar events programme in 2014. If you value the MAD Programme and would like to make a donation towards community events in Brockwell Park please click the donate.. button on the right hand side of the screen. This will take you through to the Big Give profile for Brockwell Park Community Partners, a registered charity, which administers the MAD Programme.

Thank you for your support!

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