Foraging in Brockwell Park is bad for biodiversity

BerriesBPCP’s biodiversity group has called for a reduction in foraging in the Park.

The effect of ‘picking your own’ blackberries, elderberries or rosehips reduces the small amount of wild margin in Brockwell Park. BPCP is trying to protect this small but vital wildlife habitat so that beetles, spiders and flies can complete their life-cycles and so provide plenty of food for the birds, bats and field mice – which in turn will bring back the owls and kestrels that disappeared from parks when they were over managed.

Spiders, frogs and toads all use the leaf mould and prickly stems as cover to protect them all year round and the shaded ground provides nice damp places for wildlife. Nettles are particularly good for all stages of the lifecycle for moths and butterflies and the berries provide a good food source for lots of species.

You can pick fruit and vegetables in Brockwell Park’s Community Greenhouses (adjacent to the Temple building) and take them home with you. However picking considerable amounts from the Park’s wild areas is no longer acceptable to BPCP, nor encouraged, as we are working hard to create a Park that is rich in wildlife.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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