Brockwell Park awarded Green Flag status

greenflagWe are delighted to announce that Brockwell Park has today received the prestigious Green Flag Award.

The national award means that Brockwell Park boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities. The Park will shortly fly its Green Flag.

We ask that local people help us retain Green Flag status in 2014 by keeping Brockwell Park free of litter.

Brockwell Park Community Partners’ volunteers and park partner groups are pleased to have been involved with their Lambeth counterparts in the Green Flag assessment process. We believe that the Award is just reward for all of the hard work and dedication which has helped make Brockwell Park both a fantastic community asset and a visitor destination.

2 thoughts on “Brockwell Park awarded Green Flag status

  1. Re the Litter issue….maybe large colourful posters – the power of design can help explain why you should take your litter with you [I would do it free if you wanted as I feel so strongly about this as a daily BP user]…I really don’t think people think about the consequences of what leaving their nappies, food packages, & cans actually means – rats, foxes and dogs & ducks swallowing rubbish. I’m guessing recycling is bottom of the list when it comes to cleaning up quickly yet many of these people studiously separate their rubbish at home for the bin men every week. Certainly more bins are needed, or larger industrial bins over hot weekends.

  2. Hi Lizzie

    Thanks for responding to our article. We’d love to see your design of a litter poster.

    Recycling in the Park is less straightforward though. For ordinary collections, Lambeth gets heavily fined if recycling is contaminated by food waste and this would be difficult to avoid in the open.


    Matt Allgood

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