Litter in Brockwell Park is never acceptable

RubbishTo all park users

We hope that you enjoyed the glorious weather in Brockwell Park this weekend.

Unfortunately there was an unacceptable amount of litter in the Park on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The impact of litter is very harmful to the Park as it contains many dangers, including:

  • shattered and broken glass bottles
  • discarded food that is dangerous for dogs
  • scorched grass, shrubs and trees resulting from illegal barbecues
  • shrub beds, ponds and bedding full of plastic bags, plastic bottles and metal cans all of which pose a serious danger to our wildfowl
  • hours of staff time having to deal with litter alone and no time for important horticulture work to keep the park in first class condition.

If you are planning to attend Brockwell Park please remember to take ALL of your litter home.

Thank you for respecting Brockwell Park.

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