School lessons in Brockwell Park !

Empty Classroom DayBrockwell Park hosts its first Empty Classroom Day for over 150 children from nearby Rosendale Primary School on Friday 5th July 2013.

Empty Classroom Day is a celebration of all the learning that can take place outside the classroom.

Created by the London Sustainable Schools Forum, the idea is very simple: One class, outdoors, for one lesson, on one day. But Brockwell Park has gone further by offering a full day of learning in a beautiful park environment.

The day will be lead by Theresa Hoare, Brockwell Park Development and Education Officer, and Beth Barber Education Officer in the Park’s Community Greenhouses. All learning activities are curriculum matched and develop pupils’ scientific enquiry, observations and investigative skills.

The day is also about fun and enjoyment as pupils will be encouraged to engage with nature by taking part in bee surveys and snail racing, while creating natural land art and structures using tools and objects from the parks living environment. 

Research demonstrates that outdoor learning brings many benefits to pupils and teachers by providing motivating and exciting ways to learn, engage and enquire. Pupils and staff can broaden their knowledge, hone their skills and receive additional support which is important for those students who often struggle in a classroom environment.

Empty Classroom Days make a huge contribution to supporting children and help schools raise achievements while encouraging understanding and care for the natural world. To find out more contact Theresa Hoare, Brockwell Park DEO on 020 7926 6283 or email:

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