Sir, we welcome you home. Forever!

Thomas Lynn Bristowe was responsible for putting Brockwell Park into public ownership for the people of Lambeth and London. As MP for Norwood, he steered a Bill through Parliament and secured the requisite funds – including his own – to create the Park.

At the Park’s opening ceremony on 6th June 1892, celebration turned to tragedy when Bristowe collapsed on the steps of Brockwell Hall and died of a heart attack.

A statue was erected to his memory in the Park shortly afterwards but was dismantled in the 1950’s and the bust was given to the Bristowe family. Sixty years on, a working group of dedicated volunteers set about locating and bringing back the Bristowe Bust to Brockwell Park.

This documentary film, by Angus Carter and Hannah Temple, shows the rediscovery of the Bust, its restoration and journey back to Brockwell Park. On 6th June 2012 – exactly 120 years after Bristowe’s death – the Bust was unveiled at Brockwell Hall to rapturous applause by Park community groups, Bristowe’s relatives and Lambeth officials. The film was premiered one year later, on 6th June 2013.

Thomas Lynn Bristowe was a great visionary. Over the last 120 years, Brockwell Park has immeasurably improved people’s lives in Lambeth, Southwark and beyond. We owe you a deep debt of gratitude.

Welcome home, Sir. Welcome home.


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