Jubilee Community Hall, Tulse Hill – available for hire

Jubilee Community HallJubilee Community Hall has re-opened to local people in Tulse Hill after 26 years and major renovation and redecoration works. 200 people including former Tulse Hill Estate resident, Ken Livingstone, and Lambeth Living Chair, Keith Hill, attended a celebration event at the Hall on 16th March which included workshops, exhibitions, music & dance performers.

The Hall will be managed by the Tulse Hill Estate Tenants & Residents Association (THETRA) and is available for hire during the week and at weekends by local people and community groups.

To book Jubilee Community Hall, please contact THETRA on: 0208 671 7761

8 thoughts on “Jubilee Community Hall, Tulse Hill – available for hire

  1. Hi Racquel – our colleagues at Tulse Hill Estate Tenants and Residents Association (THETRA) manage Jubilee Hall. It is available for any resident of the Tulse Hill Estate to hire, and anyone from the wider Tulse Hill area to hire. For hire rates and availability contact: 0208 671 7761.

    1. Ismail – thanks for your message. The Tulse Hill Estate Tenants & Residents Association runs Jubilee Hall. I will forward your email address to them and ask that they get in touch. Regards Matt Allgood, Treasurer, Brockwell Park Community Partners.

  2. Lara

    Hi there, could you please let me know if the Tulse hill jubilee hall is available on 20 of December 2014 please?

    I’ve called and no answer.

    It’s for a small wedding after party.

    Please get back to me ASAP.

    1. dear charmaine – we don’t hire jubilee hall as it is on the tulse hill estate. they have a website i think THETRA – the tulse hill estate tenants and residents assoc.
      Susy hogarth Secretary

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