Ponds and Poppies

new pond channelPonds.  For those of you who enjoy a stroll around the ponds – I know that the recent changes have been really appreciated.  One difficulty over the rainy Christmas period was the pipe that fed the water through from pond 2 to pond 3.  This resulted in lots of flooding – however! the contractors took note and have returned to the site and now we have a new open channel which not only flows better but looks lovely. Also round the ponds, some of the first of the newly planted bedding is just coming into bloom.  We have periwinkles and primulas – and also the snowdrops that were planted by the volunteers two years ago.

last year's poppiesPoppies. Last year we had a suprise display of poppies in front of the One O’Clock Club – along the line of the new water pipe.  So many people complimented us on the poppies (which are pictured) that we put in an application to the Park Manager to do something similar this year.  He very kindly agreed and we wasted no time!  Theresa Hoare and myself mixed our flower seed with sand under the expert eye of Richard Jedrzejczak (who is putting in the hedge and took time out to rotivate our patch for us). Then we sowed the seed and it rained overnight which is good! so as you pass by the One O’Clock Club – keep an eye out for the seedlings. Susy Hogarth BPCP Secretary.

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